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     My little thanx award from Drizl       Got this little award for my Shrine to Plantman

Well, this is my awards page, where I'm keeping all the kewl awards my page recieves. Thanx to everyone that thought my page was worthy of one!

2nd Page

My first award, isn't it purdy?

Now I got 2 awards! I can finally call this a multi-award-winning page!!! =)

Check it out! 2 more!

I snagged another award! If I had known this was gonna happen, I'd have bought a bigger shelf! =)

These awards are so shiny, I may have to put a pair of sunglasses in here!!

Another cool award! I'm almost afraid to put this one up, it might break the shelf!!! =)

Another award! I could almost swim in, not really. =)

You know, I'm starting to get the impression that people like my site!! =)

OOOOOOH! Golden!!!! =)

Hey, anything with mets on it HAS to be good!!!! =)

Now all I need is the Megaman 1,2,4,5,6,7,8, and Rockman and Forte Award!!! =)

Ahhh.... love that new award smell! =)

You know this one's good, because Kirby wouldn't endorse a bad award =)

I think I'll stop holding all these awards over my head, they're gettin' kinda heavy!! =)

Whoa! Best! Yeah! All right!!!!!! =)

Wow, I have more awards than Wily has cheesy disguises!!!!! =)

If I had a nickel for every cool award I've gotten, I'd have..... well..... some nickels!! =)

Now if I stack up all my cool awards, they'll touch the ceiling! =)

If I toss all my awards in a truck, it'd be heavier than a ton of feathers! =)

Woo! An animated award! Even more animated then..... other, less-animated awards! =)

Met fan award eh? I think I was bound to get this! =)

I think this one gets the award for biggest award! =)
(By the way, this looks a lot better in 16 million colors, but I had to change it into a gif to put it up)

Another award eh? Very cool! =)

Like Megaman with 09 extra lives, the awards just keep on comin'! =)

I have so many awards now, I'm running out of remarks! =)

Y'know, this page is getting to be pretty big! =)

I had no idea there were so many met-related awards out there! =)

An award from Magnetman, my favorite robot master! =)

Another award! If these were made of gold, I'd be rich! =)

Best Met Site Award...... check! =)

I think I can safely say this is the only award I've gotten with a poem in it! =)

I guess I'll have to start hanging these on the ceiling! =)

Another award eh? I uh.... dunno what to say! =)

These golden awards are gettin' kinda heavy! =)

Award for longest load time goes to..... this one! =)

Thanx again!