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Cool thing of the week for the week ending - July 30

The nifty title screen

Megaman Power

Megaman Power was a game created by MegamanXtreme in the style of Megaman: The Power Battle. Unfortunately, all we got was a demo due to the fact that he lost all his needed files in a computer crash. All you can fight is Topman, and that's it. My epic battle with Topman MMXTRM has no intention of finishing the game, but the demo is still pretty cool.

The story is that Dr. Wily stored some of the evil energy from their last battle, and rebuilt some of his old robots, and is going to try and take over the world.!Megaman: We'll see about that Wily! Of course Megaman has something to say about that!

There's a very cool stage select, and you can pick whatever robot you want to fight.Although Topman is the only enemy in the demo =/
A few of the things that make this game cool are the excellent graphics (sprites, backgrounds, etc) and very cool audio (sounds, music, voices). They really set it apart from other user-made games. Gives it a really solid, professional feel. There are no inconsistencies, everything looks good and well placed.

It's really fun, and I think any fan of the Powerbattle should give it a try!
Wanna try it out for yourself? You can snag it from HERE

Well, that's it for this week, be sure and check back next week!