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=Game Data=
Created By: Jeef Moore
Players: 1
Password Feature Included

Reviewed By: Xardion

This is one of the first fan-made games I ever played, so I decided it would be there first one I'd review. Enjoy!


Who's the red visor there?? Someone has broken into the robot Museum and dismantled Beat, Rush, Tango, and all of yer upgrades. You're to head there to investigate, and to snag yer old arm cannon and sliding chip.
"Not too bad of story, but why would you have yer upgrades and pets in a museum. And you can't slide. Oh well."

The Game
I'll just shoot him in the foot from below.... After the robot Museum, ya go to a town from Castlevania 2, where you encounter Bass. This first confrontation is far too easy, as you can stand under him and shoot up(?) and he'll do nothing. Then you go through some bats, past Shademan (he's passive, wierd) just to fight a bass that bounces around like a moron. Too easy.

AAAH!! I'm under seige!! After that, you hit Skullman's stage. It's too easy to get through it. If you just ignore the enemies instead of fighting all the bats and such, you should breeze through it. Skullman is just a target.

Hi Cloudman!  Wassup? Then comes Crashman's stage. Just stay off the dissapearing platforms and use the real ones, the tellys are just cannon fotter. Crashman jumps alot, but you can wrap around the screen. So it's easy to go to the other side of the screen when he shoots. Don't try to jump, it wont work.

Heh, funny Then to Iceman's stage. This one's actually a little tricky. I recommend shooting the Eye robots from the bottom before going up. As for the crowns, just jump straight up whenever one comes by. Iceman's pretty easy. He stays on the ground to long. Just stay where you start and shoot directly right. Even when he jumps, keep it up, you'll beat him out.

By now ya have "R" "U" "S" and "H" ya go back to the lab, get yer dog, and the game's over. Reveiw of part 2 coming soon!

Ups- I like the music, the tunes are pretty cool. It kills me that the RM's from 7 don't fight you. They're like yer buddies.

High Point - Freezeman's comment about Bass

Downs - I never like to see 8-bit mixed with 16-bit. It's just plain wrong. Megaman should never be able to shoot in any directions except left and right, and only 3 at a time. The only (well, there are about 5) sound effect is a "thump" sound. Gets kinda annoying.

Low Point - Uhhh, killing bass was a little easy. Shouldn't he have teleported out instead of dying?

Final Thoughts - This games's not too bad. Keep in mind it was one of the first fan made MM games, and that this guy only had KNP, and lesser access to sprites and stuff. It's worth a play. A fun thing to do if you've got a few extra minutes on yer hands. Just don't download it and expect an hour of non-stop action.