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Beta Shots of Megaman Legends 2

On the Capcom of Japan website, I've found LOTS of cool screenshots of the Megaman Legends engine in action, and early tests and stuff of MML2! I think they're really cool, so I've decided to put up some of my favorites!


Mmmmm... looks like flat eggs and sausage again

An angel? Or what?

Those birds have some flying power!

Having fun with the character engine I see...

The MML character engine in action. Looks pretty cool!

Looks like Megaman's put on a little weight there.. heh heh

Whoa! Break out the Aqua Buster!

Looks like the 3-D version of 8-bit

What happened here.....??

Roll's got some power there!

This looks cool, but I have no idea what it is

I just think this one looks funny

Ooooooohh.... that servbot is in big trouble!

It's the Bonnes!!

That's quite a large robot there!