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Robot Masters 1-2

These robot masters are from Megaman 1 and 2.


Cutman jumps alot, and will often try to run right through you.

Weapon: Cut Blades

What to use: Leaf Shield

Woodman works just like in MM2, only now he can change into a log and roll at you/bounce around.

Weapon: Leaf Shield

What to use: Atomic Fire

He still has the ice slasher, but now he can make clouds that drop freezing snow on you.

Weapon: Ice Slasher

What to use: Power Arm

He can throw a rock at you, throw a bigger rock at you, break a rock on his fist, or charge at you.

Weapon: Power Arm

What to use: Crash Bomb

He can fire up to 3 bombs at once. You can get sucked into the vents in his room, and come out on the top.

Weapon: Crash Bomb

What to use: Cut Blades

Has his atomic fire and fire lunge, but he also can shoot huge fires to both sides.

Weapon: Atomic Fire

What to use: Ice Slasher