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Robot Masters 3-6

These robot masters are from Megaman 3, 4, 5, and 6.


Magnetman can be very unpredictable, and can often catch you off guard.

Weapon: Magnet Missile

What to use: Dust Crasher

Plantman can fire plants that shoot independently of him, along with the plant barrier and the petal drop.

Weapon: Plant Barrier

What to use: Gyro Blade

He can split in two, and fire the gemini laser, just like MM3.

Weapon: Gemini Laser

What to use: Magnet Missile

Napalmman has missiles, bombs, and more missiles. He's a living arsenal.

Weapon: Napalm Bomb

What to use: Gemini Laser

He has the dust crasher and the vaccum, just like MM4.

Weapon: Dust Crasher

What to use: Plant Barrier

He can fly, and shoot all kinds of gyro blades. He can also teleport.

Weapon: Gyro Blade

What to use: Napalm Bomb