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Robot Masters 7

These robot masters are from Megaman 7.


The master of the night, he works just like in MM7, only he can't turn you to stone.

Weapon: Noise Crusher

What to use: Slash Cut

Slashman is invincible when diving, so wait until after he lands to blast him. And keep your distance.

Weapon: Slash Cut

What to use: Freeze Cracker

When you hit him with a charged shot, he freezes long enough to hit him with another. Too easy.

Weapon: Freeze Cracker

What to use: Junk Shield

He can turn into a car and shoot fire. Don't let the fire hit you while you're on the ground. It hurts.

Weapon: Fire Scorcher

What to use: Noise Crusher

Junkman is invincible most of the time. Hit him whenever he jumps. Super jump over the large junk block he fires.

Weapon: Junk Shield

What to use: Thunder Strike

He floats, shoots lighting, and rains on ya. Just like MM7.

Weapon: Thunder Strike

What to use: Fire Scorcher