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The Great Escape is a game about a met trying to escape Wily's lab and get revenge on the scourge of all mets, Megaman.

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In the year 20XX....
The mets have just returned from an unsuccessful mission to destroy Megaman. Dr. Wily is very displeased and says that if they mess up again they'll all be scrapped. When the mets are dismissed, Metool decides to rebel against Dr. Wily, knowing that mets are the most powerful robots in the universe, and that they shouldn't have to take orders from Dr. Wily. When he tries to escape the castle, his adventure begins.....



Though an ordinary met, Metool is the "hero" of the game. He seeks to escape Wily's lab and take revenge on Megaman.


Nimbus, a dark met, (like myself) wants only to stop Metool's quest. His origins are unclear and shrouded in mystery.


Warbringer is a tank-like robot, built to destroy Megaman. But when Metool tries to escape, Warbringer is used against him.


A new type of assult robot, Stryke is Dr. Wily's new bodyguard.

Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily, creator of the mets, built them to destroy Megaman. When they fail, he is angry with them. It is then that Metool turned against him.

Ram and Rom

Ram and Rom are a pair of deadly robots that fight as a team. Together they are very powerful and a force to be feared.


Enemy of all mets, Megaman has destroyed many.