November 11: Megaman Legends!!

-All right, here we go! As of right now, I'm going through the game a second time, and here's what I think about it.

-Right off the start I just want to say that I actually like the legends series. Some people like to come down pretty hard on it a lot, but I think it's actually a pretty cool world.

-I had pretty high expectations of the game. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next in the story, and what they would improve on. From what I had seen, it would be twice as big as the original. So I figured that there would be twice as many weapons, reaverbots, etc. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Although I haven't found them all, there seems to be about the same # of weapons (more about them later) and about the same variety of reaverbots. It's very similar to MML1, only with a different story and a lot of improvements.

-The first think I noticed was the graphics. They have been greatly improved over MML1. Everything looks better, nothing looks worse. A lot of things have been redesigned, (when did the inside of the Flutter get so big?) and it's all very well put together. There are a lot of small details and little things that make everything more interesting.

-The control is exactly the same as the first. Ya run, jump, shoot, grab ledges, etc. If you're good at MML1, you'll have no problems getting used to it.

-The special weapons are awesome. They're done differently, with a green bar on the left that marks the # of shots you have before you must delay for a second to recharge, and the normal power bar on the left (that goes down when the green one goes up) It's tough to explain, but it's not that complicated. There are a lot of the old ones (machine gun, powered buster, shining laser, for example) along with a few new ones (rolling buster, reflect buster) I was glad to see the Powered Buster (now called the "Hyper Shell") return. That was my favorite gun from MML1, and it's still very cool. (I also notice that it's on almost every page of the instruction booklet) The special weapons look cool. The vaccum makes a little swirl, the shining laser is just plain cool, and they all just have more detail and look great. I haven't seen the sword yet, but I'll bet it's pretty cool. It also seems to me that in MML2, your special weapons are MUCH more powerful than your normal buster.

-New status effects. Ugh. I can't stand these. In MML2 you can get lit on fire, (drains your life) iced, (drains your life) shocked, (makes you super-slow and jump super-low) and the most horrible at all, energy leak (you have a shooting range of .00001mm and you can say goodbye to any special weapon energy you have) You can cure them with a shot of your Medicine Bottle, (which is EXPENSIVE) but I just thought they were bothersome and annoying at the worst possible times.

-The extra dungeons are pretty cool. You can go in there and grab some cool items and a refractor that you can sell for quite a bit of zenny. On normal mode, you have to pass tests to get licences to get into some of them. The class A test is a breeze, while the class S test will most likely give you an incident involving a controller, and a very smashed television. That is to say, it's pretty difficult and often frustrating.

-The characters are what you'd expect them to be, and the new ones are very intersting. My favorite was Bola, the partner of Klaymoore. (they put the wrong name in the instructions) They're pretty cool, but they don't have much of a part in the game. You're mainly just runnin' through dungeons, blowin' up reaverbots. Y'know, the usual.

-The story is very cool. It starts off all mysterious, then it goes to an "Ok, there's 4 keys on 4 different islands, and we want YOU to go get them all." But by the end, it gets very interesting. I'd say more, but I don't want to give anything away.

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