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Robot masters battle it out!

Game Info

This is the age old concept of a robot master fighting game, brought to life. The arenas are platform based, and can be used to your advantage/disadvantage. I'm trying to keep the robot masters' moves true to the game, but they may have to be changed, for various reasons.

Download the game RIGHT HERE!!!!


Fireman is a master of fire. His fire attacks can scorch an enemy in seconds. Firepower is his forte.
Fireball - A fireball that travels forward in a straight line
Flamethrower - A short range flamethrower
Flame Drone - A slow-moving flame drone that can be used to trap enemies

Crystalman uses many bouncing crystals to make attacks from many directions. His main strength is having many shots moving at a time.
Crystal Eye - Shoots a large crystal that splits on contact
Quad Crystal - Shoots crystals in 4 directions
Crystal Shot - A fast shot that forms and then fires

A skeletal warrior, Skullman is fast and strong. He has many strange powers.
Bone Throw - Throws a bone in an arc
Flaming Skull - Fires a flaming skull in a straight line
Energy Drain - This short-ranged attack steals energy from the enemy and gives it to Skullman

Though fairly slow, Napalmman is the man for the job when it comes to mass destruction. His explosives are extremely powerful.
Naplam Bomb - Fires 2 bombs in an arc
Missile - Fires a missile in a straight line

Gyroman is fast, mobile and has attacks that can be used for his strategic advantage.
Gyro Blade - Fires a spinning blade that can change direction
Gyro Cross - Creates a Gyro Blade that crosses it's path twice
Flying - Allows Gyroman to fly in 8 directions
Note: To disengage flying, press numpad 3 for player 1, and I for player 2

Magnetman has power over all things metal. His attacks are very strong.
Magnet Missile - Fires a magnet that can track enemies
Electromagnetic Shockwave - Fires a shockwave that travels along the ground
Magnetic Tempest - Magnetman pulls metal scrap up from the ground and fires it at the enemy