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Welcome to Xardion's Page O' Stuff's 1st contest, the Great Met Text Contest!!!!

This contest is CLOSED.


Contest description
Ok, here's the idea. I've been trying for a long time to try and make a really good text met. If ya don't understand what I mean, here's an example
That sorta looks like a met, doesn't it? WELL THAN USE SOME IMAGINATION, YEESH!!!! Anyways, I want something you can type that looks like a met! (And looks WAY better than my lame example there)You understand now? Good! =)

Contest Rules
It's fairly simple, you can use any text, basically anything you can make with just a keyboard. You can use ASCII letters (and I think that'd help a lot) It must be able to look good in most fonts.

Sending it in
Once you've got your entry, mail it to me, along with the letters used to build it. (If you use ASCII letters, send the "code" also) The person with the one that looks most like a met wins! Wins what? Well, I dunno yet!

You can try out your entry in this space!

Send in your entry here!

Send it in!

Good luck!

Here are the current entries for the small ones:





Here are the current entries for the large ones:
(Note: They may look a little distorted because, like I said, big ones translate horribly.)


/                 \
/======+====== \
| @ @ |
/__| |__\