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These are my creations for MUGEN.

Please don't link to my files, or put them up on your site. You can link to this page, but I'd like the files to be unique here. Thanks.

-Download for Mugen 06.27.00 and above-
     -Screenshots (New)-
Version 2.0

Last Updated:
My 3rd MUGEN character, the MetaKnight.
The MetaKnight is my favorite of Kirby's
villains. In "Revenge of the MetaKnight,"
he tried to take over Dreamland in his
mighty warship, the Halberd.

Download for Mugen 06.27.00
* Download for Mugen 01.01.00
Version 1.0

Last Updated:
My 5th character. Slash, from Chrono
Trigger. He fights with his mighty
sword "Slasher" alongside Flea and
under the leadership of Ozzie.

Download      Screenshots
Version 1.0

Last Updated:
This is my fourth character, Edge from
FF4, (FF2 US) He has weapons in both
hands and a variety of ninja skills.

Download      Screenshots
Version 1.0

Last Updated:
This is my second character for MUGEN, Riki.
Riki is Kunio's partner in many of the Technos games.
This particular version of him is from Nekketu Dunk heroes.

Download      Screenshots
Version 1.5

Last Updated:
This is my first character for MUGEN, Kunio.
He's the main character in Go! Go! Nekketu Hockey
Multi-Sport Battle Club
. Anyways, he's one of my
favorite characters, and that's why I chose to make
him my first MUGEN character.

Dr. Wily
Download      Screenshots
Beta Version 0.?

Last Updated:
This is Dr. Wily for Mugen. The one from
Megaman: The Power Battle. Dr. Wily is always
trying to take over the world. His plans are
often foiled by Megaman, but he always has
another scheme up his sleeve.

*The 01.01.00 version is a better version

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