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Well, if you're not me, I don't know what you're doing here or how you got this address. But just so you know, this is my personal Navigation page, that links me to all sorts of cool stuff with the click of a mouse.
It's also the location of my html experiments! MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

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Linx to all sorts of nifty stuff


This is just a bunch of text designed to take up space to test out these dragons on either side of the text. If this does not work, than I've failed and I will be mildly annoyed.

It's a met MMXTRM's Page Hello!
Hey, come back here with my mech, Vile! A long comic NEVER!!!!  HAHAHAAAAA!!!!
Just some text
Harry Melvin Joe

This is cool!

Elecman Cutman Gutsman Bombman Iceman Fireman