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Welcome    to    Newbie    Encounters!!    =)

We've all had run-ins with newbies at some point in all of our travels. We know that they are kinda ingnorant and also kinda funny! It's not thier fault they don't know things. When they ask you, "How do I get up on death mountain?" you can't help but laugh. What makes newbies so funny is because we were like them once and we know it. We asked the same stupid questions, and believed the same fake answers. Therefore, I've created this section for your enjoyment, full of the funny things newbies say and do. Enjoy!! =)

I'm not lucky enough to deal with all the newbies of Hyrule/Graal so if you have a funny newbie quote or story, please send them (via E-mail please) to me!! You will get full credit of cource. This section won't be cool without donations!! I NEED YOU, to send in you're funny stuff!! =)

Newbie    Quotes

This is for the funny things newbies say! ______________________________________________________________________

Sent in by: Xardion

"How do I get the hammer"

(After slashing me) "Can you hurt other people?"

"How do I put on a name?" (That was his name)

"I don't need the gloves! I can already lift trees!!"

Newbie    Stories

This is for entire newbie stories that are long or that you participated in. (More than just quotes, basically) ______________________________________________________________________

Sent in by: Xardion

SSGohan Knight and I were standing behind the rocks in front of the final cave. (Where baby Gannon is) A newbie came up to us.

Newbie: How did you get back there?

Us: Power gloves.

Newbie: How do you get them?

Us: Well, first, you need the fairy ring.

Newbie: I don't have that.

Us: You don't? Well, do you have the hookshot?

Newbie: No.


Us: Do you at LEAST have the ice rod.

Newbie: Nope. How do I get that?

Us: It's on death mountain.

Newbie: How do I get up there?

Us: Push against the bottom of the mountain for 5 minutes and you'll jump to the top!

Newbie: Ok!

Yeah, we were bad back then.... =)