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Old    news.

October 22, 7:10pm: Sorry all. I was about to release it, but there's really nothing but the main page. All the current gifs on the site were made entirely by me and this takes a lot of time. I only have about 3 pages up, and It will go at this rate for a while. (School takes a lotta time too) I will set no more dates, as I don't know how hard this is gonna be. I don't wanna release it until I at least have all the main pages up. Which I don't. I also got some Ideas for other pages too, like I said, the spectrum will be bigger. The index.html main page will be the last thing to get changed. So when it is temporarily gone, you'd better check the next day for the best dang page you ever seen!!!! =) I think I'll clear the guestbook, as I can then get some new input. I'm also trying to attract more blood to the site. Well, that's all I wanna type, and I'm sure this is all you wanna read, so, uhhh... lata!

October 15, 6:29pm: WARNING!!! WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! Just so you all know, this page will be gone soon. It will be back by sunday. So dont change your links, the index.html is also being redone. So, dont worry when its gone. The new page is almost set up.

October 12, 9:15pm: Hi. I added a new quiz. Go there!! Also, this site is undergoing MAJOR internal construction!! I love the new layout. I'll have the new page done in a week or so!! =) See ya! =)

October 12, 3:42pm: I'M Back!!! =) My computer had to be sent to a far away city to get the CD drive fixed, so I was without it for a week. I wanted to post that info here, but we sent it away 2 hours earlier than I'd planned, leaving me no time to do so! =( I've thought about the page a lot and there are a lot of things that need improving. I have lots of new ideas though! =) The spectrum of the page will be widely spread over a lot of kewl things! =) I have large plans for it. I might lose the "Zelda Online" Page, as it is old and forgotten. =( I might replace it with a graal page, but whatever I do, the "Projects" and "Football" Pages will still be there. =) Just to pass the time, I bought Pokemon! Its really cool! Reminds me of ol' Robotrek. (One of my fave snes games of all time) Well, that'll all fo' now!! See ya! =)

September 28, 5:36pm: I put up the graal football page!! Go and register your team today!! =) Also, my counter is reaching the big 1000 mark!! If you happen to be the lucky 1000th visitor, take a screenshot of the page and send it to me!! =) I might give ya something!! =)

September 27, 5:43pm: I'm kind of tired of zelda online. Suddenly, my interests have turned more towards Mega Man and the METs than Zelda Online. So, it may become 70% Mega Man, 30% Zelda online. I don't know what to add, and I have to do all the work on this page myself, and I don't know any HTML. Therefore, things will be pretty slow around here until I learn it. Sorry everyone. It all depends on the popularity of Graal football. I have no teams, or anything sent in to me yet, and I got no newbie stuff, so, I'm just gonna stop working on an "interactive" page that no one interacts with. Sorry. Its just the way stuff happens. =(

September 24, 9:59pm: I added a new quizlet! Go gimme some feedback!! =) Sorry bout the lack of updates. I have no good ideas and I'm putting off the "Hall of Heroes for now" This quizlet is so I can get some more ideas!! =) BTW: It seems you need to reload these pages if you want to see the new stuff. So hit the reload button every time you enter a page the same day you've veiwed it before. I don't know why, and It's a pain, but just do it. I think Its preventing people from seeing the newest quizlet!! *GASP* Yeah, so, for your own good, reload. This has been a public service anouncement. =)

September 23, 9:55pm: I added a whole new page just for the quizlet!! Be sure to visit!! =) Also made a REALLY cool gif for it!! =)

September 23, 8:47pm: Well, I gave the MET's and I the day off. After all, we were tired after building this page up from nothing. This page hasn't attracted as much interest as I would have liked, so the updates are gonna slow down unless I get more feedback. No point in wasting my time updating a page no one likes. I know, Its not as bad as I make it sound, but I want people to feel sorry for me and give some FEEDBACK!!!

September 23, 7:36am: Due to some stuff, I have to make the poll of the week, the "Poll of the Day" So check back everyday to vote!! =) Also, the number of people that voted on the last poll was more then the number that visited the site!!! =) I knew someone would do that, so thats why I don't care and I'm not mad. Anyways, be sure to check out my new vote about new Graal VS old Graal. Be sure to hit the "reload" button everytime you come.

September 22, 5:07pm: It's a depressing afternoon. All I can think about is that I'll never get to play Mega Man legends. =( I was also trying to figure out paint shop pro 5 for an hour!! How do you make an animation where the thing you paste doesn't fill the frame automatically? I hope someone will help me with this. I also don't know what to add now because no one leaves any feedback, I've only got a few hits, only 9 people answered the quizlet, and no one has sent in any funny newbie stuff for the "Newbie encounters" page. =( *sigh* I also would need somone that has or knows where I could download MMX, MMX2, or MMX3 roms, to tell me where to get them. I need some super nintendo MET pics along with some other things for a new page I'm thinking about. I don't expect to be helped at all. You didn't before and I doubt you will now. Guess I'm on my own...again. =( I hope someone will take pity on me and help! =)

September 22, 7:54am: I added a couple of new gifs to the MET's workshop and Hyrule Castle.

September 21, 8:41pm: I added a quizlet thing so I can get some spacific feedback. Right now its pretty broad. I'll change it soon. =) Please try it out!!!

September 21, 6:16pm: I added a kewl new section called "Newbie Encounters" to Hyrule castle! It will have all the funny things about newbies on zelda! Go on in and send in your own funny newbie stuff!! =)

September 21, 7:26am: Sorry I didn't update sunday, but like I said, I was really busy. Anyways, I added a really cool gif to the MET's lab. I hope ya like it!! =)

September 19, 5:07pm: YAY FOR ME!!!! I am the master of webpage and such!!!! Three cheers and a tiger for me!! =) I figured out downloading!!! All the files will be .zip files so If you don't have winzip, go get the newest version, from, for free!! I have Zelda Football available for download at the projects page and MET pack 1 of cursors is available in the MET's Lab. No more stupid rules!!! Enjoy!! =)

September 19, 1:02pm: I'll be busy this weekend so don't expect too many updates. Not my usual 3 per day. I want to add a title gif to the MET's lab page, as soon as I work out a design.

September 18, 4:23pm: Well, band givith and band takith away I guess. Because I'm in band, I was inspired to make the "no longer secret project" but also, because I'm in band, I have to march from 6:30 to 9:00pm today! Oh well, so don't look for any new stuff between those times. I'll try to add something before then. I want to make a cool title gif for the new MET's Lab, but I can't think of anything for it!! =) Also, I don't know why, but I am getting like, 0 feedback here! WHY?? Things won't get better if you don't help me out!! Just give your comments and test out the downloads!! Thats all I ask!! I BEG of you!!!! =)

September 18, 7:47am: I'm too lazy to update this morning. HAVEN'T I UPDATED ENOUGH!? =)

September 17, 8:54pm: YAY!! I think that there might be a chance that I possibly could have maybe figured out downloading!! Go to the brand new "MET's Lab" and try it out! Be sure to follow the instructions!! Hope this works! (It won't work on MACs) That would make the site 100 times cooler!!! =) Well, maybe a little less.... =)

September 17, 8:24pm: Sheesh! The mailbox wont bite y'know! =) Feel free to drop your comments and ideas about the site right in there! =)

September 17, 6:19pm: SECRETS REVEALED!! The zelda online projects page is up!! The "secret project" is revealed!! Go over to Hyrule Castle and check it out!! =) Post some feedback in the Mailbox too! That's what it's here for!! =)

September 17, 5:39pm: Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been trying out the new Graal all day. I'll try and add some new stuff tonight if i'm not interupted.

September 17, 7:51am: I added a little animated gif I made to the MET's workshop just to see if I could. If you like it, tell me via the mailbox, and I'll keep making them. That was just a fast one, I can do better. =)

September 16, 6:10pm: Finally, I can get some feedback! Go ahead and check out the mailbox and leave your suggestions! =)

September 16, 5:37pm: Obviously, I added a new banner to the page. I dunno if its better, I guess I'll ask for feedback. Added a NEW background to the guestbook. I think I'll make it smaller though.......

September 16, 5:07pm: Added background to the guestbook. I need a better one. I'll work on it.

September 16, 7:18am: I have early band practice today. No new stuff since yesterday. Sorry.

September 15 cont: Well, I have good news, and bad news. The good news is I added "Traveler's Journal" to Hyrule Castle. The bad news is that I made an entire page for downloads, but I can't figure out how to make things downloadable. SOMEONE HELP!!!

September 15 cont: Added some new stuff to Hyrule Castle. Mainly just some links. If you want your page on a link, send me the URL OVER E-MAIL. And you must add me to your page =)

September 15 cont.: I finished a spiffy new gif I put in the Zelda online Page! Check it out!! =) I also added one to the MET's Workshop! Hope you like them!! =) I also added some new stuff to the frontpage. THIS is NOT the frontpage =)

September 15: Its a new day! =) I'm just ready for more news! MUST UPDATE!!! =) Stephan Knorr signed my guestbook!! =) So did Frenzy, he wrote: "You're a liar, you didn't make that mega man gif. I've seen tat gif on countless other pages. I bet your next one you'll claim to make wiill be mega man firing is plasma cannon" I actually never said that I made that gif. I guess thats just my bad wording. Hehe =) I just think it looks cool! =)

September 14: I added a guestbook. Please sign before you go! =) I'll always put the newest news on top so If 2 entries are on the same day, the top on is the most recent. Also, I got a lot of compliments on the megaman gif at the top of this page. The thing is, that gif is just a filler I'm using until I finish a better one. If you guys like it though, I'll just put the new one on the Welcome page or something! =) That's all for today, I have homework.

September 14: My dream has come true! I have a page. I'll try to update as much as I can. I don't know to much about webpage stuff. But I'll try my best. If anyone would like to help, contact me over ICQ or something. =)