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Plant Man, the most underrated of Robot Masters. Many have looked down upon him, so I built this shrine, to educate the masses, ignorant of the power, the power.... of... PLANTMAN!!!!!

First off, I'm gonna dispel some of the myths surrounding him.

A lot of people think he looks stupid, (his reaction to these alligations: ) that's only in 8-bit. It's hard to add a lot of detail in 8 bit! I mean, compare these 2 pics

See? The 16-bit one on the right looks very cool doesn't it? That was the way he was INTENDED to look! 8-bit really dragged him down.

Second, most people say his attack/attack pattern is stupid. I dunno why, but I admit that Capcom didn't program him to be very tough in MM6. But look at him in the Power Battle! He has those flowers, those petals he drops on ya, AND the plant barrier!! Now THAT's tough!!

And that's not even his full potential! He has not only those 3 attacks, but he could also use those 2 spiked vines! He could do all sorts of moves ala Omega Red! I'm tellin ya, he's one tough dude!

Moving on,

Check this out! Plant Man at his coolest!!

This is my advanced version of Plantman, Plantman PLUS!
And this is in 8-bit!
You can't tell me that doesn't look cool.

Here's Plantman as a met
He's even more deadly in met form

Here are some stats of our hero!
Wow, those are some high numbers!
Check those out! Not bad, eh?

Now then, let us bask in his immortal glow
[Soon you shall all realize my power!! Heh heh heh....]
Feel that? All that power just radiates from him! FEAR HIS WRATH!!!

Tribute to Plantman: A haiku by Xardion

He rules plant kingdoms,
He has many strong powers,
Fear him, he comes soon.

Well, that's all for now.
Have any pro-Plantman stuff?
Send it in!