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Project M is my first finished comic book/comic series. The comics pretty much reveal the plot for themselves, so there's really nothing I need to say about it. Enjoy!

Part 1: "The Beginning"
Part 2: "Enter the Villain"
Part 3: "Team Up"
Part 4: "Walkin' and Talkin'"
Part 5: "The Beam"
Part 6: "Magnetman VS Starman"
Part 7: "Dr. Light gets more lines"
Part 8: "The Ambush"
Part 9: "Attack of the Alpha Squad"
Part 10: "Revenge is Best Served at Lunch"
Part 11: "Base Infiltration"
Part 12: "Search for the Villain"
Part 13: "Introducing: Edge"
Part 14: "Magnetman Attacks"
Part 15: "Surprise Attack"
Part 16: "Impact"
Part 17: "The Final Battle?"
Part 18: "Desperate Measures"
Part 19: "Epilogue"