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Welcome    To    The    Workshop!!

This is where I will post info an screenshots about my projects for Zelda Online. I will reformat it soon, so don't worry about it.


This is the "secret project" that many of you have been looking forward to! I haven't sent it in to the programmer yet, but it is in Clops's mega map. Its a lot of fun, and the snack bar and locker rooms are really cool! I did it all myself, with no help. Well, the rules are written on a sign, so I won't post them there. I have a couple screenshots, and they are below. It's actually bigger, but I didn't want to take a picture of the middle. =) Well, next project, this section will be cooler. I promise! =)


-Snack Bar -Locker Room -Realistic =) -Written rules -Lots o' fun

Projects Available for Download

Zelda Online Football: A cool little game I made for Zelda Online