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Hi, welcome to the Screenshot of the Day Hall of Fame!
I have a new screenshot every day, but some just stand out above the rest, and they get a spot here, in the hallowed halls of...... uhh... fame. These are the best of the best, the ones I thought were the coolest, and very few make it here, so, enjoy!

August Shots

My first SS of the day ever, so it's a classic

Dr. Wily escapes, yet again!

Now how are we gonna get that thing down from there?

Screenshot provided by Yan Zhao

Screenshot provided by Pharohman
Megaman inadvertantly rips a portal into another dimension

September Shots

Reader: Wow.........Cutman 2!

Dr. Wily unleashes his diabolical remote controlled eraser

This one's just plain weird

Screenshot provided by Yan Zhao
I had to blast the thing, just to get a gumball!

October Shots

Screenshot provided by Egoraptor
Megaman: Darn! I knew I shouldn't have stopped to get that hot dog!

Screenshot provided by Egoraptor
And the jumping contest began......

Screenshot provided by Crashman, he's also given me MANY variations of this, all with MM getting shot in the mouth with crash bombs =)
Megaman: MMMMMF! Translation: "Quit shooting me in the mouth!"

Screenshot provided by Crashman
If you're Rush, prove it!

Screenshot provided by Spybreak
Careful with that lightning, you could put someone's eye out!

November Shots

Screenshot provided by Snifit Brod
Megaman: I've been in this pose for 2 hours and they still won't tell me what I got!

Screenshot provided by Crashman
Megaman: Whoa! Gutsman! Lay off the beans!!

Screenshot provided by Crashman
Bubbleman trains for the rodeo

Screenshot provided by Yan Zhao
Megaman: Nope, he just ain't gonna fit in that portal

Screenshot provided by Snifit Brod
Megaman wonders if he's ready for this battle.....

December Shots

Screenshot provided by Spybreak
Elecman: I've been blasting at him for hours and he doesn't get hit! Maybe I need glasses.....

Screenshot provided by Crashman
Apparently, Mr. X has faild a few spelling bees in his time....

Screenshot provided by Entity
Shadowman: I pay 50 bucks to get in here and what do I get? A soccer ball right in my windshield! This is the last time I do a cameo, yeesh.

January Shots

Screenshot provided by Crashman
Megaman: ...........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Screenshot provided by Crashman, another of his cross-overs
Burnerman: Show me what ya got, monkey!!!!

Screenshot provided by me
The servebots continue their crime spree by robbing the police...

February Shots

Screenshot provided by Spoonguy
Metalman: Hey, where's Flashman?
Crashman: I think I saw an ice cream truck go by.....
Heatman: Oh, that explains it.
Woodman: Ice cream?
Bubbleman: There's ice cream?
Airman: Ice cream? Where!?!?!
Quickman: We get ice cream??? COOL!
Metalman: Sigh.....

Screenshot provided by Warp Station
Megaman: Hey! What a rip!

Screenshot provided by me
Megaman: Hahaha! See ya at the finish line!!
Dove: Grrrr....
Crash: I'll show him! *throw*

Well, that's it for this month, hope ya liked em!