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Game Tips

Sometimes you'll be just playing along a game and suddenly, BLAM!, outta nowhere you get mercilessly crushed. You stare at the screen, yer jaw hanging open as you se the "Ready" across the screen and realize that he got you again.
You need suffer no more!!! This section is here to help! I'm gonna put all kinds of handy tips for takling any obstacles you may encounter in all yer MM gaming travels. Go have a look!

Rockman and Forte
(Note: These are all done with Forte[Bass])

The first boss of the second King level is really quite simple. To beat him, you need to destroy the 3 parts labeled here
all except for the smoke valve
I suggest starting with the back, the enemy hangar . The tank will deploy from it those little green guys that hold you and make you lose yer hard-earned bolts, when you are behind it. When he opens it, just use your main gun to fire at it, and the green guys will be destroyed as soon as they drop out.
Next, attack the machine gun . He will shoot it when you are in front of him, but it will also work if you are on the part under him. When he opens it, simply use your lightning bolt attack, and it will be destroyed.
After that, you'll want to attack the bomb dispenser on the top of the tank. To beat it, use the pirate mine. Attach it to the top of the tank, then hide under the tank. As soon as it opens the dispenser to bomb you, detonate the bomb. It shouldn't take too many for it to be destroyed.
Easy huh? Well there are a few things you should look out more:
When you're under him, he's usually fire bombs out his top that go up, then hit the ground below him. The fire goes both up and down from it. But they're easy to dodge. Second, whenever you're on the same level as he is for a while, he'll try to ram you. He signals it with the smoke valve . When smoke comes out, go down the ladder, or yer gonna get rammed.

Well, that's about it. No go kick some tank butt!