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1 YEAR OLD!!!!

I'd like you all to meet Bigeye, my new security bot.
He's just gonna guard the page for now, and take care of any.... problems that should arise.

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Since March 22, 1999
Screenshot of the day
Screenshot provided by Xardion The first one, the original, the alpha. Check it out again, the first screenshot of the day ever
(I know, I know, it's in the SS Hall, but it's more dramatic like this)

By the way, you are currently listening to sf2.mid, one of my favorite midis. I have no idea where it's from (I'm guessing Street Fighter, by the title) or even how I got it, but I like it. It weighs in at over 100kb and is 5 min,16 seconds long. It sounds REALLY cool on my comp, but not one some other peoples'. I think it's because mine has messed up sound. =) Anyway, enjoy!

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How far can you get in TGE??

Battle 1 (Nimbus)
Battle 2 (Warbringer)
Battle 3 (Stryke)
Battle 4
Battle 5
Battle 6
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Battle 8

Current Results

Megaman, all related characters and logos are property of . All other stuff is mine. Everything here is property of the original owner. Just don't sue me ok?

Can ya belive it, it's been a whole year since Xardion's Page O' Stuff appeared on to the net. And has anything really changed? YES!!!!! Since then I've released 2 new games, made a whole new layout, gotten lots of new visitors, tons of new sections and lots of other cool stuff like that there that I'd never thought would happen. And to celebrate, I'm gonna share lots of STUFF with ya guys.


I know some of ya have found it, and by now, anyone that's going to, has. So I've decided to tell everyone. The secret character is *drumroll*


Ya, Metool from TGE is the secret character! If ya want to play as him, just type "metool" on the title screen, select yer stage and BOOM! Metool will now be playable. He's got all the same moves he has in TGE, so use that 3-way fire! Originally, you had to fight 10 consecutive battles to get the code, proving of cource, that you were quite the dedicated fan! Well, enjoy yer code, and kick someone's butt with Metool for me ok?


I notice quite a few people are getting stuck on the first few guys, so I'll offer the following tips:
If ya can't beat the first Nimbus, I dunno what to tell ya.
The trick here is to not get hit. All of his attacks do big damage. Your biggest threat is the bombs that he shoots. He only fires them while you're on the ground also. So, when he's far away, shoot at him, and as soon as he starts coming your way again, jump across the platforms, drop down, and shoot him from afar again.
Keep in mind, if you shoot his missiles, you can destroy them. Try to shoot them right after he fires them, it's easier. If you can't get them right away, don't try to dodge them, because you can't escape them, and you'll just get hit by Stryke more. And always avoid his charged-up shot. It does LOTS of damage, but it's fairly easy to dodge. I don't bother dodging the spread laser either. When he does the one at the top, get to the platform below him, jump up, and get a few easy hits. He'll take more damage than you.
Hope that helps all of ya that are having trouble! =)


Not everything ya make is gold (ask anyone, they'll tell ya) And I'd like to show ya some of the stuff that I ALMOST made, but dropped at some point. Some of this stuff MAY be continued later, so keep yer eyes out!

-----=PART 1: Games=-----

-Mega Figher Specials
Yeah, Mega Fighter had super attacks. And a super bar! It went up when you got hit or hit the other met. Anyway, ya had 3 attacks:
The MEGA SHOT -Shot a HUGE energy blast- Lvl 1 Power
The Met turret -Met hops into a turret and shot all over- Lvl 2 Power
The Jet pack -You could fly around and shoot 15 times, then land- Lvl 3 Power
Of course, if you had 3 power, you could use 3 MEGA SHOTS if you wanted, or a MEGA SHOT and a turret.
The were cut out because back then (and keep in mind, this was my first game, and I was still learning back then) because I couldn't figure out the turret. (Although now I could make it in less than 2 minutes =) ) So I decided to forget the whole thing, deleted the power bars (thereby getting rid of the means to use the supers) and shipped off the game. I left the supers in tho, so if you look into the game, you'll see the unused objects on the side.

-Magnetman's Final Attack
When I was working on Magnetman, I'd already had 2 moves, Magnet Missile and Magnetic Shockwave. I was going to add Magnetic Tempest, but it was going to be a lot of work, so I was looking for something slightly easier to make. I then made the Magnetic Spark, an attack that made Magnetman shoot a li'l spark both ways, left and right. I was just about to call it good, when someone behind me, who knew NOTHING about the game I was making, said, in a matter-of-fact voice: "If the other guy can only be on one side, why do you need to shoot both ways" Well, that shot of obviousness made me decide to do the extra work to put in the Magnetic Tempest Magnetman has today. I'd have a screenshot but...... it's a long story.

-----=PART 2: SECTIONS=-----

Keep in mind, these pages are really disorganized and imcomplete. I never finished them, after all.

My first contest was quite the bust (If you'll rember the Great Met Text contest) so later I came up with this one . It was a contest where you made a logo out of the RM's name for the RM. Well, the page is pretty descriptive, so just look there.

After playing Rockman and Forte for a while, I came up with a cool way to beat this one particular guy. So I made a little pic and a little page. Then I figured everyone already knew, and I couldn't think of anything else to put in the section. Oh well. You can see it right here .

Megaman: The Power Battle is my favorite Megaman game, and because of this, I decided to make a guide. It WAS technically up for a VERY short time, but I took it down indefinately. Why? Let's just say someone else beat me to it. Oh well again. =/ You can see it right here .

I know lots of people don't make games 'cause they don't know how. I wanted to fix this problem. So I figured I'd make some lessons to show people the ropes. The reason this one died is because I figured "Who am I to tell others how to make games?" so it also got the axe. You can see it right here .

This is the big one. This could very well become my page in the future. It's all about making a hub for ALL the Megaman news and fan-made games in the entire MM community. Pretty much a hub for the whole community! It would have tutorials on making games, reviews, previews, downloadable characters and other game objects, etc. I was going to have lots of people help. Getting news, reviewing games, getting sprites, etc. I also planned on games that the staff would make as a team. It would start people making fan games again. I REALLY want to do this, and I probably will, someday. And the main banner I made for it I think is REALLY COOL! Why then did it get the axe? It relies ENTIRELY on people helping. If noone wants to review, give me news, or tell me about their projects, it would NEVER get off the ground. At the time I got the idea, the site was small, I had almost no visitors, and MM game makers kept their games TOTALLY SECRET until release. Things are still kinda like that, but I have a lot more confidence in it's success now then I did before. You could see this as a full-blown site one day, so keep on the lookout. Check out the Megaman Core right here .