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And    so    we    mourn    the    death    of    Zelda    Online    =(

Yeah, its official, Zelda Online is no more. It was made into Graal. It has been taken off it's site for all eternity. Its still a cool game. But its Graal, its no longer a multiplayer zelda 3. I loved the old one. =( Oh well, I guess I'll make a page about Graal, but I'm not sure. =(

There are many doors in Hyrule Castle, which do you choose?

Hall of Heroes: My allies page =)
Workshop: My Zelda Online Projects Page
Traveler's Journal: A fanfic I'm writing
Newbie Encounters: A little newbie humor!! =)
Xardion Field: Zelda Football!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Other Zelda Online Pages

Guardians of Hyrule Homepage: Clan site.
Knights of Hyrule Hompage: Another Clan
Masters of Deception Homepage: Yet another clan.
The Official Baddie Homepage: The Villan Clan of Hyrule =)
Angel Clan Homepage: No comment =)
Inzane Zelda Posse Homepage: They're the only posse of Zelda and they're insane!! =)