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Hiya, welcome to the new page. Things are all changing around here! We've got an all new format in the worx here, so stay tuned!

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I've been waiting to redo the format for a long time now and, quite frankly, I dunno how it's gonna work out. It's still under constuction though, and probably will be for a long time.
AUGUST 5 CONT Just testing out the format more.
More stuff from August 5 Just trying out a link to the main page =) I'll warp ya to the old page.
PUSHING THE LIMITS!!! Ok, I'm going to attempt to push this table down into the gif below, if it indeed does that, then I'll have to redo the WHOLE THING and all this work will go to waste. And none of us wants that to happen. Ok, I think thats about enough, I'm gonna give it a shot.

My first award, isn't it purdy?

Most of the gifs on this page were (painstakingly) made by me. I worked for a long time on each one, for your veiwing enjoyment. Please don't take them.
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