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Last Updated:  10/10/03
From Rockman X Command Mission
Rockman X Command Mission is going to be an RPG in the Megaman X universe. I wonder how it'll turn out.

If you had a GBA, would you buy Rockman EXE?

Yeah, but only to see what it was like
Nope, not a chance

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Since March 22, 1999               

October 10: Mugen Character Links Fixed

- A few years ago, I was really into Mugen. I even made a few characters of my own. Even though I never showed it on the main page, a number of you managed to find them, and the links went bad a while back. I finally fixed them, so you should be able to download all my old characters right here.

By the way, I can't seem to play Mugen anymore, and it really ticks me off. Does anyone else get a message that says a VESA driver is required? I've been trying to figure it out forever with no luck.
-Anyways, lata.

March 23: Energy Crisis. Period.

-The latest installment of the series that nobody even reads anymore is ready. That's right, I'm talking about an all new Energy Crisis comic. It's Part 18: "The Root of All Evil". So there you have it.

March 9, 2003: Update? Sort of.

-Well, I don't really have anything new for you guys. But if you'd like to read some comics or are interested in what's been absorbing a lot of my free time for over a year, check out my webcomic, The DOOM Army! It needs all the readers it can get.
-Hopefully I'll have some extra time on a weekend soon, then I'll make a new Energy Crisis comic.
-I fixed the link in the Arcade to Vitalize! So if you haven't been able to play Megaman Shooter because you didn't have Vitalize, now you can! If you haven't played it in a while, I suggest you try it again. It's pretty fun. My new high score is 15,700 points.

June 12: Umm.... yeah... about those downloads...

-Apparently, rather than do what it says on the main page, people will still go and try to download the things on their respective pages. Admittedly, I forgot to change the links on those pages. They will work now. If they don't, you're doing it wrong.

June 11: Didn't expect to see an update eh?

-Heh, umm... well five months have gone by, but I do have something to show for it. The newest Energy Crisis is done. You may know it as Part 17: "Defeat". I wonder if anyone still reads those...
-I've got a lot of mail (which kind of surprises me) asking about the downloads. Sure enough, they're down. Long story there. If you want any of the games, I found out just today that it's easier than you'd think. Just type in: for Met Fighter for Mega Fighter for The Great Escape

Just go to "file", then "open", and type that in there. It works right away for me.
-It's kind of cool to see that people still want to play those old games of mine. They were cool to make, and I've always been especially proud of Mega Fighter. If it hadn't somehow gotten that bug that causes it to crash randomly, I would have added all the robot masters. I could have too, so it's really a shame. By the way, type "METOOL" on the title screen to unlock the secret Metool character =)
-Hey, I still haven't bought Megaman X6 yet! Woo! I know I will eventually, but I'm not going to throw away 35 bucks. Megaman X7 looks pretty cool. At least it's different from the rest of the X games, so they can't just re-use sprites and stuff. It says in fabulous 3D, but I wonder if it'll be a 3D characters in a 2D world type deal. Ah well, it's got to be better than the last few X games.
-Lata for now.

January 19: Energy Crisis Continues!

-It's been a while, but a new Energy Crisis is here. It's Part 16: "Payback". You might as well have a look.
-And I heard about MMX6. What a shame.

December 05: The long awaited new EC

-A lucky day indeed for anyone that still visits this ol' page. Finally, a new Energy Crisis comic has come! It's Part 15: "Last Chance". I just assume you'll want to check it out.
-That EC comic was long overdue. I hesitate to make them, because I don't have the time. But I'm going to try and get them up here whenever I can. I want to finish the storyline, but I doubt it's even half over, so it's gonna be an effort. We'll just have to see. Be sure and look out for new EC comics in the future.

October 1, 2001: Hi, how's it goin'? Been a while eh?

Haven't seen this ol' HTML in a while, I kind of miss it. Anyways, let me get to the point. The reason I haven't updated in so long is that I don't have anything to update. I hate just putting up text, but I don't have the time or the motivation anymore to do much else. It's been a long time since I've done anything Megaman-related in the least. So why did I update you ask? Two reasons. First, I felt bad about saying NOTHING for so long. It bothers me that people came here for months with no update. That would annoy me, and I figure it's the same for you guys. But secondly, I have a rant, and here it is:

What happened to the X series!? Megaman X was just a game that they made, but Megaman X2 began a story. The ending clearly showed that this was going somewhere. Things started to get interesting. Sigma knew something we didn't. Something about Zero and the nature of all reploids. But he wasn't telling. Yet. X3 came along and showed that Sigma was not only a maverick robot, but a seemingly invincible virus. At the end, Sigma was clearly destroyed. Once again, the ending hinted of things to come. The story was getting good, and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. But then..... X4. What happened to the story? Where is Dr. Cain? Where are all the humans? Where'd the Repliforce come from? How did Sigma return? Say goodbye to your cohesive storyline. But it wasn't too bad. From X4, we learned that Zero was the creation of Dr. Wily. Interesting. When Sigma was a hunter, there was a maverick in this abandoned place. That maverick was Zero. Sigma fought him, and broke the "W" (for Wily, duh) crystal on his head to stop him. (Sweet cutscene) Zero suddenly joined the hunters. The X1 manual is very vague about how Zero joined the hunters. Dr. Cain never did say he was built, so I guess that's ok. Anyways, not long after his fight with Zero, Sigma goes maverick. Very maverick. Coincidence, I think not! At the end of X4, sigma is clearly destroyed.....again. I'm sure you could always use the excuse that there are copies of the Sigma virus all over and other dumb stuff like that, but I'm getting ahead of myself. X4 was ok, and it was clear that either X or Zero was gonna get infected by the Sigma virus and have to be destroyed by the other. Interesting. But then.... oh then.... X5. *shudder* I can't stand X5. Capcom simply took all they had been building up to and threw it all away. The story makes absolutely no sense. Who are Signas and those other guys? Where are the Repliforce now? Where are the humans still? What is up with Sigma!? This confusion is compounded by the millions of ways the story goes, that don't actually, happen. I guess the "accepted" storyline is the one I got yesterday. Where the world is saved from Eurasia, (or is it, I dunno) and Zero dies at the end. For no real reason either. Now we see the Zero was the origin of the virus. It was just "adapted" by Sigma to be the Sigma Virus. The Zero Virus was released when the "W" on Zero's head was broken. That's why Sigma was mainly affected. I guess the virus was put there by Dr. Wily (odd, since there were no reploids in his time) although I don't know why he'd do that, since he'd have nothing to gain after his death. But I suppose that doesn't matter. Zero is dead now, and X has his sword. But the main thing about X5 is that it's a terrible game. All story aside, it's just a bad game. The number of enemies recycled from X4 is unacceptable, the bad guys are unimaginative, and the "real time" hours thing is stupid. All it does is annoy you, and force you to do stages in the way they want you to. There are no cutscenes, no fancy extra stuff at all. It's more like a crappy expansion to X4. It looks like it was sloppily thrown together in a few weeks just to make a new X series game that Megaman fans would buy. Hey it worked though, I bought it. Anyway, enough badmouthing X5. So here comes Capcom's last chance. X6. If X6 is as bad as X5, that's the end of the X series for me. Frankly, I don't hold out much hope. I'm sure we're gonna see the exact same enemies (by the way, the re-use of the repliforce guys in mechs in the fire dino's stage in X5 was dispicable) and the same crappy non-anime cutscenes with portraits and text on background. Another cheesy five dollar game they'll sell for fifty bucks that zombie Megaman fans like me will buy. Well, Zero is dead, the secret of his origin and the origin of the Virus is common knowledge, and X has his saber and a thirst for revenge. Interesting. Sigma is (obviously) still alive, and I'm sure he'll be back with eight, horribly named, (DUFF MCWHALEN!?!?! HOW COULD YOU CAPCOM!?!?!) stupid, redundant mavericks. And I'm sure X will try to talk them out of fighting, but (surprise, surprise) they'll fight you anyway. I sincerely hope that it's not as bad as I'm predicting, but it'll be tough for them to salvage the series, which they're managed to completely ruin. I say all this, but I'm sure I'll buy it as soon as I can. *sigh*

Whoa, that was a bit more lengthy than I thought. I hope I didn't leave anything out (I ain't gonna re-read that!) Well, that's it for now, but I'm sure I'll have some other comments soon (And not in 4 months this time, I promise...... eheh)