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Hi! Welcome To My Page O' Stuff. I have quite a few sectors now and and the page is growing steadily. As always, this is the only place to get my very cool custom games. I'm always adding more, so BOOKMARK me, and stop back every now and then. Now then, enjoy the page, that's what it's here for after all.

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How did you find me?  I feel so embarassed! Hey! Don't point your cursor at me!
Last updated August 6

The Great Met Text Contest is CLOSED.
You can see the winning entries on the contest page.
I admit, it didn't turn out the way I wanted, but sometimes that'll happen. I have a lot of ideas for the next contest and, trust me, it will be lots better.
Also, I know I haven't updated the Cool Thing of the Week for over two weeks. I still haven't found anything I want to put there. So I'm taking it down until I've built up four or five things, so it won't be such a rush.
That's it for now, lata.
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My Comix!
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The Great Escape
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A bit of info on the ultimate arcade game
The Great Met Text Contest!
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About the gifs...
Most of the gifs on this page were (painstakingly) made by me. I worked for a long time on each one, for your veiwing enjoyment. Please don't take them.
All Megaman characters, and related logos are property of Capcom. All opinions on this site are mine entirely, and have no affiliation with anything but this site. All copyrighted material is propety of its original owners. Just dont sue me ok?

Since March 22nd, 1999