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Since March 22, 1999
Screenshot of the day?
Screenshot provided by Xardion, click to enlarge Ahhh, can't get enought MMX

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If there were a large MM news/fan game site, would you contribute

Yeah, all I could
I'd review games
I'd send in news
I'd send in games
I'd interview game creators/MM webmasters
Dunno, I guess I might contribute something.
Nuts to that! I have my own work to do!

Current Results

Megaman, all related characters and logos are property of . All other stuff is mine. Everything here is property of the original owner. Just don't sue me ok?

Ok, 2 things.
1) I NEED to know what the name of the latest version of The Great Escape is. The zip file I mean. It's either something like or or something. It's a long story, but I forgot the name, and I'm going to re-upload the file. Well, anyone that downloaded TGE recently, please tell me.
2) For some reason, my hit counter reset itself. I'm getting a new one, but I need to know where to start it. I know I was above 30000, but I don't know by how much. If you can remember what it was recently, please let me know.

That's all for today, lata!

First off, I have a request. If anyone has any Power Battle sprite sheets (of robot masters) please drop me a line.

Sencond, another request. I'm thinking of re-starting the ever-popular Screenshot of the day. I did it for about a year, but after that people stopped sending them in and I got tired of getting them myself. So I'm once again asking for people to send them in! If I get enough, I'll bring it back. So, if you'd like to see it return, SEND IN THOSE SCREENSHOTS!!!!!!

And now, for some good news. My work on the new layout has finally produced something! I'm pretty happy with how it looks. I've been fixing it and re-fixing it for a while now, and it should be up sometime in the not-too-distant future. So be ready!

That's it for now, lata!

Brand new PROJECT M you ask? To that I reply: YES INDEED!!! Check out "Revenge is Best Served at Lunch" right now!

That's it for today, lata!
July 21 OK, STUFF

Sorry for the lack of updates. My comp's been giving me some trouble and my internet connection lately can only be described as..... unreliable.

-I updated the news below with some new info. Mainly facts that I took for granted everyone knew already.

-As for PROJECT M, you can expect a new one VERY soon.

-Dragon adoptions are officially discontinued for the time being. Now I have to catch up on the odd 30 pending =/

-I REALLY want to expand the page. I'm out of MM stuff, and there are LOTS of other cool things out there. It's come to my attention that there are 2 things I really need. 1) New layout and 2) New server. I know I've talked about those forever, but sometime I'll find a new one. By the way, how do you feel about expansion? Be sure to mail me your thoughts on the subject.


As you can see by this link, the good people of ZSNES are working on decoding the C4 chip. So eventually, it may be possible to get X2 and X3 (for those of us WITHOUT the PC version) sprites! That would be pretty cool, I think. As most of you probably know, up until now, ZSNES would run MMX2/3, but it only displayed the backgrounds correctly, but the sprites were VERY wierd, since the C4 chip arranges the sprites.
Like this:I removed the sprite layer, but trust me, the sprites are pretty messed upSee? Background.

As for the Agile sprite up there: it's NOT a sprite. Technically, he's background layer 1, that's why I was able to get it. By the way, don't mail me about any of this ZSNES stuff, I just wanted everyone to be aware.

That's all for now, lata!

I really don't have time for this update, but I said today, and I'm gonna put it up today. As many of you know, Megaman X is coming out on gameboy. But it's not just a remake of SNES MMX, it's a totally new game with new characters and a new story. Check out the title screen, screenshots and characters below.

Looks pretty cool, I must say. As of my knowledge at the moment, it'll work on GB/GB Color, but I'm not sure about that. As for the characters up there, I don't know anything about them, but the big gold guy with the giant sword looks cool! As with the others, I'll try and get more info as soon as it becomes available. MMX5 and this will be out fairly soon anyway, so don't sweat it too much.

And yes, I KNOW all these updates make the news page HUGE and it takes FOREVER to load, but that's the cost of news =)

This game will have mavericks from both MMX1 and MMX2, I'm not sure which ones. If I remember correctly, something is wrong with the computer system of MMX's HQ. And he has to investigate. Or something like that.

That's all for today, lata!

Megaman X5, it's coming. October-November is what I last saw. Anyways, I found some cool pics and stuff and figured I'd show them here. It looks a LOT like MMX4, I wonder what it'll be like. Have a look at these screenshots and the title to your left.

I can't wait to play it! I have my predictions about the story, and I wonder how it will be. If you want more MMX5 info, lots of the big gaming sites have info these days.
I also ran across some stuff on the new MMX for Gameboy Color. I'll have that up here soon. (Hopefully tomarrow) It looks really cool!

Another subject, and this important. In about 1 week, I will stop accepting dragon adoptions. It'll probably be temporary, maybe permanent (spelled correctly?) , so if you want one, now's the time. The reason I'm stopping it for now is the astounding demand. I have a LOT of them. They became kind of tedius so I've been putting them off (some for over a month) I've been sending out a few lately, so if you sent one a while back, maybe now you'll get your dragon.

On another unrelated note, I recently made a new layout that isn't really BAD as such, but it's not particularly good either. I think it looks too much like my current one. I'll probably put it up soon, so you can see it, maybe I'll have a poll or something.

A huge meteor is on the way to earth and it's gonna destroy the earth in 2 (I've heard 3 also, but I'm pretty sure it's 2) days. 48 hours that is. You get different endings depending on how fast you beat the game. It's also been speculated that X fights Zero/Zero fights X. These predictions are based on the ending of X4 (all of the X series endings seem to forshadow something)

That's it for today, lata all!

The latest installment of PROJECT M has been uploaded and deemed safe for viewing. So, what have you got to lose? Check it out now!
Oh, yeah, it would have been up earlier, but I was really busy this past week/end. Anyways, enjoy!

That's all for now, lata!
July 6 BIG NEWS!

Almost completely by chance, I ran across some very interesting info today. It seems that Capcom of Japan is working on a remake of Rockman: The Power Battles AND Rockman 2: The Power Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket color! In 1 game! It looks very, very cool too! Check out these screenshots and the title below!

*drool* =) Enemy Select Screen It's Roll, I dunno what else to say about it

Unfortunately, info on this game pretty scant, but I'll try and get all the news I can about it and bring it straight back here.

I really want to play this game, but because of the recent decision of SNK to shut down all Neo Geo Pocket-related things in the US, I'm sure it'll never come out here. Shame too, I probably would have bought a NGP just to play that one game.

I hope to have more info soon, but I dunno what I'll be able to find. So don't expect too much.

That's all for today, lata!