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Last Updated:  2/12/01
My theory is, that if I put enough text here to wrap it around, the frame should fit perfectly. Just to make sure it goes around, I'll add this extra sentence.
Screenshot of the Week
Screenshot provided by Xardion
Rockman EXE is certainly odd, but it has mets.

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February 26: You've won this time, you stinkin' HTML....... but this isn't over.... YOU HEAR ME!?!? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!!!!!

-Not wanting to give up, I just spent 4 hours trying to make a new layout based on a new design. Well, it didn't work, and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. The HTML seems perfect to me, but it keeps cutting the layout (I guess you'd have to see it) I tried to fix it a lot of times but it turned out worse than it was before (it's a complete mess now, at least it almost looked like something before) I'm really frustrated and sick of HTML for now, but as soon as I regain feeling in my eyes (free tip, always remember to blink when working with HTML for extended periods of time) I'll probably try it again. By the way, there's really no point to this update, I'm just venting a little steam.
-Thanks for letting me waste yer time! Lata!

February 24: HTML Blues

-Gah! I wasn't going to update until I got the new layout working, but things just haven't been going my way. I made a new layout, but I really don't like it. So I revised it, and I don't like that either. I'm really out of ideas for a new layout now. So for now I guess we're stuck with this one. I'm really sorry about that, I thought it would work.
-Saw this coming did ya? As you may have seen coming a mile away, a new Energy Crisis has been deemed safe for viewing. So be sure and check out Part 10: "Back at the Labs" right now!

February 12: Energy Crisis Part 9

-As ususal with a long abscence, a new Energy Crisis comic is ready to go! Go ahead and see Part 09: "The Fight" now!
-If you think I've been slacking off, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Just last Friday I finished a project that I'd been working really working hard on for quite a while. Unfortunately, it's not related to this page at all.
-I'm thinking of making a new layout. This would be the 4th. Not that there's anything wrong with this one, I'm just tired of it always looking the same. So I MIGHT start working on that soon. Also, I MIGHT be expanding the page to other games. I'm really short on Megaman-related ideas. If I think of any new Megaman stuff to put up, I will of course, and I'll still have mostly Megaman stuff, but I think it would help a lot of I could put up stuff from other games too. Keep in mind I'm not saying I WILL, I'm just saying I might.
-That's it for now, lata all!

January 29: Energy Crisis, and a new award

-Ready? A new Energy Crisis comic is prepared for viewing! It's Part 08: "Diversion". So check it out!
-ALL RIGHT! I gots me a brand new award! Kaioshin's Ultimate Site Award. From Kaioshin (for those of you who couldn't tell that from the name of the award) Anyways, it's my newest award, and you can see it on the fairly new 2nd awards page! Thanks Kaioshin!
-News. I've mentioned this before, but it's really been bugging me lately. I used to put up a lot of news on the newest Megaman games. But it soon came to my attention that plenty of other big game sites and Megaman sites were doing the same thing, often with much more info than me. I think it's pointless for me to waste time searching for and posting up Megaman news if everyone can get it somewhere else. So I've got a new poll about it.

January 25: Energy Crisis Returns!

-After a long wait, I've finally got a new Energy Crisis comic ready! So check out Part 07: "Ultimate Power" now!
-2 brand new awards! Jestah X's Golden Site Award and the Starman Moonbase Five Star Award Gold Edition for the month of December. They're from, well, that's pretty obvious. They're both really cool, and you can check them out on the new 2nd awards page! Thanks Jestah X and Starman!!
-I can't believe it! I have so many awards that I decided to split them into 2 pages! It's amazing how many I've received over time! So I'd like to thank again everyone that's sent me an award, because I really appreciate them a lot! It's great to see that people really care what I'm doing here!
-Lata all!

January 18: X5

-Ok, first things first. I had no idea it had been such a long time since the last update. I've been meaning to update forever, but I've had some BAD luck lately. Like I almost always say after a bad space between updates, I haven't had any time to do anything. I've decided there's no point in me saying that anymore. If I don't update for a while, just assume I have a reason. It's not that I don't want to or I'm just lazy or something. It's almost rediculous the way something always stops me when I finally find some time to work on the site or some comics (whoa, it's been almost a month since the last Energy Crisis) or something. The main thing I'm trying to say is, even if there's a big update gap (well, if I don't update for a few WEEKS maybe) don't mail me about it. In the last couple of days "when are you going to update?" letters were really getting on my nerves. I appreciate the concern though. And I understand that people would be curious why I haven't updated in such a long time. I guess it would be worse if nobody cared if I updated or not.
-And of course, I wouldn't update with nothing to show! Nobody likes an all-text update. So click here and check these out! They're MMX5 desktop backgrounds that are on the Capcom of Japan website. They're pretty cool. I think the third one is the best, personally. Enjoy!
-I made this update pretty quickly 'cause I was getting bugged about it so much. So if it sounds a little wierd or anything it's because I'm hurrying and blowing off some steam too =)
-And with that, lata all!

January 6: *Blows dust off the HTML*

-Whoa, I've really been falling behind! Basically, I haven't done a single thing during the past couple of weeks. With the holiday weekend, along with some other factors, I've hardly even been online at all. I'm really sorry about this, and I'm hoping things will get back on track soon.
-But I wouldn't want to update with nothing but text, so I've decided to put up my Megaman Legends 2 Beta Pics Gallery with more of those wierd screens I had been putting up a while back. There are a bunch more, but those are my favorite ones.
-Oh yeah, two new awards! From the same person! This one and this one also! You can check them out in the ol' awards section! They kinda look like something I would make, but I didn't of couse. I would have spelled it with "here" instead of "hear" =)
Thanks to CommanderX for these!!